Monday, 31 August 2009

Sleeping rough, i hope Jo aint up the duff.

I refuse to take part in anything bmx related, i hate it, all of it. It makes me sick to my stomach. Other things make me sick too, i'm regulary sick due to the amount of alchohol i like to consume. Saturday was one of those occasions, one of the worst my body has been threw. I was sick for nearly the whole day and mostly out of a window of a mini bus traveling seventy miles an hour up the motorway. I was on the way to a bmx event, no fucking wonder i was being sick, my body was trying it's best to keep my mind from thoughts of suicide. It was'nt until my head cleared that i rememberd who i was with and everything turned from grey to green, Plymouth Argyle green. I was'nt going to a bmx event, i was going to the pub with the lads. Fuck Stephen Murray i'd die for Steven Pope.

Fat, little nautical man.

Chubby sick little mess,
funny when naked no less.

Too scared to have a bath,
using himself to get a laugh.

Fry ups, booze, fish and chips,
look at the size of those hips.

Orders beer aswell as gin,
guilt, anxiety and moral sin.

Never learn though, way too thick,
tummy filled with multi coloured sick.

Jo was ere.

Jo was ere, did'nt like it much though cuz Sam's queer,
"he'll be a virgin for life due to std fear".

I don't blame him though she was rough,

she told plenty a story about getting up the duff.

Sam just ran away from a bird with kids,
his pants are still fresh with skids.

He managed to pull Jo, i'll give him that,
anyone else would need ten pints of black rat.

Her mate was just as bad,
good job our sexy Lee is a proper lad.

Oh shit, wait, he only lasted a minute,
"I gotta get home for the kids now innit".

"I did'nt have a rubber and you need one with girls like that."

Laidler climbs the ladder of Swilly's sweat hearts.

Sexy Lee shows Sam his scrap book of girls he has entertained, Sam gets pissed off as he spots a picture of his Mum.

Showers are for flowers.

Chris Evans snuck onto the bus and into my heart, true Plymouth showed him to his seat.

I'm not saying your gay like Sam but those bracelets make my mind race,
you won't pull any chicks four eyes face.

I love you Dominic but you had a shower,
real boys don't do that flower.

A spair pair of shoes can be quite slick,
a shower and a clean t-shirt makes you a prick.

Sleeping in the same bed as the bad man was a wise move,
it makes you being gay easier to prove.

You could'nt resist the hairy chest,
i'm surprised you did'nt organise this sausage fest.


Rendal's at the back of the bus being naughty,
every stop we make he pulls a Mum of forty.

You can hear him from a mile off,
he got in a fight and was sick on a goth.

He's a mad man on the pull,
he thinks everyone on the bus is dull.

One pint, two pint, three pint more,
not a man in the room he could'nt floor.

He can't control himself when he's out,
not a minute goes by without a shout.

I could'nt never be that loud,
he's a one man storm cloud.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Chris Wright is one of my top ten best peolpe.

I've been awfuly busy for a while now and have a whole catalouge of stuff to do. Whilst i'm doing that you can have a look at my mate Chris Wright's work, he's a bit of a naughty boy who does ever so good drawings.

Chris turned off then lights and i threw mash potato into the darkness, my popularity went threw the roof, i stayed in bed for threw days straight. DeaDBythIRTY.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

PLymouth, PLymouth til i die.