Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Scolding hot tea, the mugs are free.

Goodbodys is a twenty four hour cafe on mutley plain in Plymouth and it's amazing. I've spent plenty of time in there at six in the morning after a night dancing with goths down JFK's. I won't give too much away because i want to make a piece of art about Goodbodys but what i will say is if you go there you HAVE to steal one of there mugs, it's an age old rule. I've seen people putting them down there pants, hiding them in a rolled up jumper or in they're birds handbag, i nearly laughed myself to death when a certain Northern naughty boy ran out with a full mug of scolding hot tea. These mugs plus a Yorkshire tea bag will make your blood run blue just like it should. Rule Britannia, stay proud, long live the hangover hotel and DEadByTHiRty.

Friday, 4 September 2009

£2.79p peek a boo.

It won't be long now, opening night yet to be confirmed as the venue i picked has been overbooked. Thanks to Artwaun for the funding and thanks to Plymouth Gin for the free happiness. The hangover is for The Drip Trays, long live foever at sea and deAdBYthIrty.