Thursday, 30 April 2009

Players Navy Cut

It turns out navy boys aint gay after all.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Infotainment Show & Latchkey Kid

Thursday the 23rd of April was Chris Wright's night, a Fall tribute night and the launch of The Latchkey kid zine. From what i can remember the whole thing went well. As part of the night Chris put on a art show named Infotainment which included artists Richie Moment, Max Griffin, Rhys Coren, Milo Brennan, John Murdoch, Chris Wright and myself. The show was honest to it's surroundings and beautiful to the viewer. John Murdoch didn't need his usual dose of viagra to get a boner that night as he had two portraits in the show and a full page in Latchkey Kid, no cock disasters here my mate. I'm not sure if there are any photos of people enjoying the night but here are a few of what was on show. Oh, and all the zines got nicked which lead me to be a bit racist apperently, aw well.

Baths are for girls and not for me

Mick Gilfoyle looked like a coal miner, he was completely black from head to toe, with a black suit and a black cap and a black horse. Mind you, everybody was black around there, but he was really black. Really, really black. And his horse was huge. He lived until he was eighty seven, never taking a bath, never washing anything, not even the horse. Then, when he was eighty seven, he got taken to hospital for a minor ailment and they gave him a bath. And he wasn't immune to the air beause he was completely covered in black dirt, so he got sick immediately and he died of exposure to fresh air.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Am i gay?

Sometimes, now and then, most days, i seriously ask myself, am i gay? This could be down to years of working in a theatre or being surrounded by art life or it could be that just a photo, a small sentance, a song or a clip of footage can make my tunny jump and my choice of clothing change. When these times come along i make myelf think deep and hard about what causes these attractions, it turns out i love men who love drinking. I'm not gay at all, if i was i would'nt love drinking fucking beer would i? Drinking beer is for men and not gays, gays drink sperm.

If i was lucky enough to have a gang of friends these lot would be my favourite members. I would take them down east street weatherspoons, we would walk in but leave on our backs. Guinness, swap your fucking blood for it.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sorry Mum but i like Steven Pope.

without a word Steven will slide over a wet coffee table naked, for free.

Steven and his twin brother Max.

Shopping for pornos.

Making up for having a tiny willie.

Deadbythirty drunk.

Touch sensitive

The best bit of work i ever made.


LATCHKEY KID is a brand new zine produced by Chris wright and Jordan Evans-Viney. It's a celebration of our love for The Fall and it's going to look like a one of those hangovers when you wake up drunk and carry on drinking, blissfuly putting off real life and the dreaded black cloud of anxiety.

Anyway if you want a copy, come to the launch of latchkey kid at Mothers ruin on Thursday the 23rd where Chris wright is putting on a Fall night. If you don't want a copy come over to Hall Street where Tom Hobson will tattoo a dick on your head, you diserve it.